Musical Land Mini Ferris wheel Music Box 뮤지컬랜드 미니 페리휠 관람차 오르골

Sky Blue,Pink,Yellow: Over the rainbow 
Silver: Fly me to the moon

Musical Land Mini Ferris wheel Music Box/rotating ferriswheel/birthday gift/home decoration/miniature/뮤지컬랜드 미니 페리휠 관람차 오르골/뮤직박스/생일선물/놀이공원/놀이동산/어린이집선물/돌선물/여친선물/남친선물/미니어처/홈데코
* Ferris wheel music box plays ‘over the rainbow’ when you wind it up.
* Musical ferris wheel provides awesome spinning action for you.
* Find best value and selection for your moving ferris wheel music box! * It is a cute small music box.
* Music: silver-fly me to the moon, sky blue/pink/yellow-over the rainbow
* Material: ABS, steel Orgel movement: Japan Sankyo
Musical Land Rotating Ferris Wheel Music Box 뮤지컬랜드 미니 관람차 오르골

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