Musical Land Eiffel Tower Music Box 뮤지컬랜드 에펠탑 오르골

Revolving action with cheerful melody, around the world in 80 days!

Musical Land Eiffel Tower Music Box/Paris/Orgel/Miniature/decoration 뮤지컬랜드 에펠탑 오르골/뮤직박스/프랑스 파리/미니어처/생일선물/결혼선물/남친선물/여친선물/홈데코/인테리어소품/드라마소품/방송국소품
* Eiffel Tower music box plays ‘around the world in 80 days’ when you wind it up.
* Musical Eiffel Tower provides awesome spinning action for you.
* Find best value and selection for your eiffel tower music box!
* Material: ABS, steel * Orgel movement: Japan Sankyo
MusicalLand EiffelTower MusicBox 뮤지컬랜드 에펠탑 오르골

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